Acorn Rough Iron Gate Strap Hinges with Pintles, each



Product Description:

Acorn Rough Iron Gate Strap Hinges with Pintles, each

Catalog #AC-RIxBP

  • These Rough Iron strap hinges feature an uneven surface which imitates the natural weathered ironwork of old European castles and cathedrals

  • These straps feature a pintle hinge which allows the gate to be lifted off

  • Tip design is either Heart or Bean (see PHOTOS above)

  • Matte Black finish carries a lifetime warranty for outside use

  • Available in several lengths from 15-5/8" to 20-1/2", and thicknesses from .155" to .187"

  • Includes mounting hardware: either screws or carriage bolts, depending on item number (see Table below)

  • Ideal for garages, barn doors and heavy gates

  • Rated at 175 to 250 pounds per pair

Price is per each hinge.


Find two-letter hinge designation in the TABLE below (e.g., IR, IS). Then order in Product Options at top of page. Consider length, tip design, gauge, and mounting hardware when ordering.

Screws are black, 1-1/4" x #12, pyramid head, combination Philips/slotted.
Carriage Bolts are black, 3-1/2" x 5/16" for .155 gauge hinges, and 5" x 3/8" for .187 gauge hinges.

Two-Letter Designations for Gate Hinges
Hinge Length Bean Tip Design Heart Tip Design Pintle Length Gauge
Weight Capacity
(per pair)
15-5/8" IR (with screws)
IT (with bolts)
- 4-1/2" .155" 175 lbs.
17" - II (with screws)
IL (with bolts)
4-1/2" .155" 175 lbs.
18-7/8" IS (with bolts) - 5-1/2" .187" 250 lbs.
19-5/8" IP (with screws) - 4-1/2" .155" 175 lbs.
19-7/8" - IK (with bolts) 5-1/2" .187" 250 lbs.
20-1/2" - IJ (with screws) 4-1/2" .155" 175 lbs.



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