Pemko Acoustic Auto Door Bottom PDB411

Pemko Acoustic Parallel Automatic Door Bottom #PDB411 - Full Mortise Style: While Supplies Last (Product Discontinued)


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Product Description:

Pemko Acoustic Parallel Automatic Door Bottom #PDB411 - Full Mortise Style 

Product Discontinued, Order While Supplies Last

Catalog #PDB411

See Replacement Product STC411

  • Unique patent-pending design creates uniform seal pressure across the entire door bottom resulting in superior acoustic performance. The seal drops parallel to the bottom of the door over its entire length creating a more even seal. 

  • Suitable for wooden doors, this full-mortise door bottom requires a 9/16" wide by 1-3/8" deep mortise in the bottom edge of the door.

  • Select 32", 36" or 48" length. May be trimmed down in length by as much as 2" on site without interfering with drop-bar mechanism.

  • Or you may specify Custom length up to 36" or Custom length 36" to 48", and then specify in the Notes section of your order the exact length you want. We will have Pemko custom cut the door bottom to that measurement and drop ship it directly to you (a $7.50 surcharge is included for these custom cuts).

  • Non-handed and reversible. Disassembly is not required to change handing. Simply flip the door bottom and you have reversed the hand.

  • Seals up to a 1/2" gap under the door.

  • Aluminum end plates are provided for each end of the door bottom to protect the mechanism and give a clean appearance. See additional images above.

  • This automatic door bottom is available in mill finish aluminum only.

  • This product has been acoustically tested and given a "Sound Transmission Class" (STC) rating. See the HARDWARE INFO link on the left side of this web page for more technical information from Pemko.

  • See the Automatic Door Bottoms product category for more detailed information about these Pemko door bottoms.


  • Be sure to specify length in the Product Options area at top of page. If you are ordering a custom length, specify this length (in inches) in the CUSTOM LENGTH section.

  • Allow two to three weeks for shipment of 48" door bottoms. Shipment may be quicker, but we do not always stock 48" door bottoms.

  • This automatic door bottom (in stock lengths) may be trimmed down in length by as much as 2" on site.

  • We can get this door bottom in any length from 26" to 48". Send us a message or call us at 800-260-5625 for pricing and lead time.

  • NOTE: We recommend that these automatic door bottoms be installed by a carpenter or contractor or other person with experience hanging doors. Installation may involve rehanging the door and cutting it to height.  For the full-mortise styles, it also involves cutting a deep mortise in the bottom edge of the door with a router. Pemko does provide installation instructions.