Pemko 420 Auto Door Bottom
Pemko 420 Auto Door Bottom Location for Plunger Hole 420APKL

Pemko Automatic Door Bottom #420 - Full Mortise Style for Hollow Metal Door



Product Description:

Pemko Automatic Door Bottom #420 - Full Mortise Style for Hollow Metal Doors

Catalog #420APKL


  • Designed for commercial hollow metal doors, this full-mortise door bottom fills the 1-3/8" wide by 13/16" deep area in the bottom edge of the door.

  • 36" length is stocked and any other length may be special ordered. May be trimmed down in length by as much as 2" on site without interfering with drop-bar mechanism.

  • If you require a length other than 36" please contact us for pricing. We will have Pemko custom cut the door bottom to that measurement and drop ship it directly to you (a $7.50 surcharge is included for these custom cuts).

  • Non-handed and reversible. Disassembly is not required to change handing. Simply flip the door bottom and you have reversed the hand.

  • Seals up to a 1/2" gap under the door.

  • This automatic door bottom is available in mill finish aluminum only.

  •  Features the PemkoPrene Seal (PK). Pemko's proprietary thermo-plastic elastomer, which has a hollow cross-section and is very compressible.

  • See the Automatic Door Bottoms product category for more detailed information about these Pemko door bottoms.

  • NOTE: If a door is fire labeled or of special construction, mortise preparation must be done by the door manufacturer. The
    Pemko 420 requires a 3/8” diameter hole drilled through the hinge edge of the hollow metal door at the location shown


  • This automatic door bottom (in stock length) may be trimmed down in length by as much as 2" on site.

  • We can supply this door bottom in any length from 24" to 72". Send us a message or call us at 800-260-5625 for pricing and lead time for door bottoms longer than 48".

  • NOTE: We recommend that these automatic door bottoms be installed by a carpenter or contractor or other person with experience hanging doors. Installation may involve rehanging the door and cutting it to height.  For the full-mortise styles, it also involves cutting a deep mortise in the bottom edge of the door with a router. Pemko does provide installation instructions.