Pemko Thermal Barrier Threshold

Pemko Thermal Barrier Threshold



Product Description:

Pemko Thermal Barrier Threshold

Catalog # 252X3AFG

About Thermal Barriers

Thermal Barrier thresholds are manufactured with a rigid vinyl key separating two pieces of aluminum. The vinyl key provides a break in the threshold that reduces the transfer of hot and cold temperatures from one side to the other.


This threshold is 5" x 1/2" and is available in lengths of:

  • 36"
  • 5'
  • 6'


The standard 36" length is stocked in aluminum mill finish, 5' and 6' lengths are available as factory drop ship items. Please Send us a message or call us at 800-260-5625 for best prices on 5' and 6' lengths and other finishes.

Thermal Barrier thresholds are supplied predrilled, with #10-24 Phillips, flat head machine screws of appropriate length.


A note on finishes: Mill finish means plain smooth metal - as it comes from the mill - with no coating.


Extruded Aluminum thresholds are manufactured of tempered aluminum, 6063-T6.