Screen Door Sash Hangers

Screen and Storm Sash Hangers - Full Set



Product Description:

Screen and Storm Sash Hangers - Full Set

Catalog #HSH-619-FSET

  • Cast 304 stainless steel hanger set for screen and storm window
  • Designed for windows with exterior casing mounted, interchangeable screen/storm sash
  • Includes four hangers, two hooks and all screws
  • Hooks mount on window frame, hangers mount on screen sash and storm window sash
  • Much stronger and more attractive than stamped hangers
  • Stainless steel oval head Philips screws included
  • Use this item if you are swapping two different sashes (screen and storm) in the same window opening
  • If you need just a single set (two hangers and two hooks) use Catalog #HSH-619-SSET