Pemko Door Hook Styles

Pemko Door Hooks for Interlocking Thresholds #61



Product Description:

Door Hooks for Pemko Interlocking Thresholds

Catalog #PK-THR-HK

  • The combination of Interlocking Threshold and Door Hook is used to seal the gap between the floor surface and the bottom of a door.
  • Door hooks are installed on the bottom of the door, either in a rabbet cut into the bottom edge of the door (Hooks 61 and 67), or on the face of the door (Hook 66). The hooks interlock with the threshold when the door is closed.


  • Hook #61 is supplied standard with all interlocking thresholds, and is offered here only if a replacement is necessary. It is mounted in a rabbet cut into the bottom edge of the door. Made of roll-formed metal, available in:
    • .015" zinc alloy for use with the aluminum thresholds, and
    • .018" brass for use with the brass thresholds

Pemko Hook #61









  • Hook #67 is also mounted in a rabbet cut into the bottom edge of the door, but is made of aluminum and is a bit stiffer than Hook 61. It is available in the following finishes:
    • Mill finish aluminum (A)
    • Dark bronze anodized aluminum (D)

Pemko Hook #66









  • Hook #66 is face-mounted and may be used when it is difficult or undesirable to cut a rabbet in the bottom edge of the door. It is available in aluminum or brass with the following finishes:
    • Aluminum, with mill finish (A)
    • Aluminum, with dark bronze anodized finish (D)
    • Brass, with mill finish (B)

Pemko Door Hook #66

  • See the Interlocking Thresholds product category for more detailed information about these Pemko thresholds.


Be sure to specify the type of hook as well as the material and finish in the Product Options area at top of page!

  • Allow two to three weeks for shipment of these door hooks.
  • We can ship you any length door hook. Send us a message or call us at 800-260-5625 for pricing.
  • For a view of all Pemko finishes on their website, click here (not all finishes on website are available for this product).