Pemko #142 Water Return Threshold
Pemko #142 Water Return Threshold Dark Bronze Anodized Finish

Pemko Interlocking Water Return Threshold #142



Product Description:

Pemko Interlocking Water Return Threshold #142

Catalog #PK-THR-142

  • The combination of Interlocking Threshold and J-Hook is used to seal the gap between the floor surface and the bottom of a door.

  • This 36" threshold is supplied with approximately 1/2" of extra length (so it can be fit around door trim) for a net length of 36-1/2"

  • This water return threshold is designed to catch any water which may blow or run under the door and return it to the outside through interior weep holes, down the sloped drain pan and out exterior weep holes. (see diagram)

  • This threshold is available only in aluminum (extruded tempered aluminum, 6063-T6).
    • Aluminum is available in the following finishes for this threshold:
      • Mill finish aluminum (A)
      • Dark bronze anodized aluminum (D)

  • Aluminum water return pan, 3-1/2" wide, is included with this threshold.

  • Measured, enlarged diagram of #142 Pemko threshold, showing water return pan and weep holes:

Pemko Interlocking Water Return Threshold 142

#61 Interlocking J-Hook

  • This threshold is furnished with a #61 J-Hook and nails to attach it to the bottom of the door. Here is an enlarged view of the #61 hook, which is supplied in bronze (B61) with brass thresholds, and in zinc (Z61) with aluminum thresholds:
  • Two other hook types are available at extra cost. See Related Products below to purchase either of these alternate hooks.

  • See the Interlocking Thresholds product category for more detailed information about these Pemko thresholds.


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  • Allow two to three weeks for shipment of brass thresholds, as well as aluminum thresholds in the anodized finishes.

  • We can ship you any length threshold. Send us a message or call us at 800-260-5625 for pricing. A $7.50 special order fee will be applied to these orders.

  • See above for an image of the #121 aluminum threshold with dark bronze anodized finish. (NOTE: photo may not be of the threshold sold on this page).

  • For a view of all Pemko finishes on their website, click here (not all finishes on website are available for this threshold).