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Technical information from STANLEY:

Stanley's Commercial Website contains a wealth of technical information on hinges and door hardware. Click on a topic in the black bar at the top of the page. Or go directly to a specific topic by using the links below:

Technical information from BALDWIN:

Baldwin Finishes:

All Baldwin finishes are grouped into two price tiers:

  • Tier 1 is the lower price point and includes about 15 finishes
  • Tier 2 finishes are higher priced and include three Lifetime PVD finishes, three Distressed finishes, and the Rustic finishes (currently just one, but more to come)

Here is a link to Baldwin's web page that features high-resolution photos of MOST of their finishes.

The following documents are also very useful and display finishes by price tier:


Technical information from PEMKO:

SoundSeal Systems:

Listing of Pemko's sound tested products including the "Sound Transmission Class" (STC) rating. These door bottoms, thresholds, and jamb gaskets have been tested in acoustic laboratories.

Technical Information for HOPPE:

HOPPE FUHR or HLS 9000 Swing Door Questionnaire, See HLS9000 Hoppe Parts Finder to skip the survey and save time

Click for printable PDF.  

Date: ___________________________
Customer Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Fax: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail: _________________________________________________________________________________________

1.Which do you see stamped on the thin, edge of the metal face plate running up the entire door edge, "FUHR" or "HOPPE"? (This can be found in between the door latch and deadbolt area) __________________________________ Also, what is the finish of this faceplate: ❑ Brass looking ❑ Stainless Steel

2. What is the width across of this metal face plate? ❑ 5/8" (16mm) ❑ 25/32" (20mm)

3.Do you know who manufactured the door? How about the windows in your home? If so, please list the company: ______________________________________________________________________

4. Is this for a single door or a pair of doors (french doors)? _______________________________________________

5. What is the door thickness: ❑ 1 3/4" (45mm) ❑ 2 1/4" (57.15mm) ❑ other: ________________________________

6. What is the door panel height? (The door panel is the part that opens and closes) height: _____________________

7. What is the distance from the center of the door handle down to the bottom horizontal edge of the door: _________

8. What is the distance from the center of the handle down to the center of the thumbturn piece? ❑ 3 5/8": (92mm) ❑ 2 53/64" (72mm) ❑ other: ________________________________________________________

9. What is the distance from the center of the handle to the door edge (edge with the latch and deadbolt on it, not the edge with the hinges)? ❑ 1 3/4" (45mm) ❑ 1 3/8" (35mm) ❑ other _________________________________________

10. With the door ajar, measure how far out the deadbolt extends from the edge of the door: _____________________

11. Is this a "manual" or "automatic" door? Manual: Must first pull up on handles to operate the multipoint locks or Automatic: where the multipoints engage on their own when you close the door? ❑ Manual ❑ Automatic version will have a small roller-like piece located approximately 7-8" above the latch.

12. Based on the accompanying pictures, please put an "x" by the multipoint system you have: ❑ Tongue Automatic ❑ Tongue/Shootbolt Manual ❑ Manual Tongue ❑ Roller/Shootbolt Manual ❑ 2-Roller Automatic ❑ Roundbolt Manual ❑ 2-Roller Manual ❑ Roundbolt/Shootbolt Manual ❑ 4-Roller Automatic ❑ Shootbolt Manual ❑ 4-Roller Manual ❑ Single Point Only: Only has a latch & deadbolt

13. If you have a tongue version, what is the distance from the center of the handle down to the bottom tongue position? ❑ 26 27/64" (671mm) ❑ 29 21/32" (753mm) ❑ other: ___________________________________________________

14. If you have a tongue version, what is the distance from the center of the handle up to the top tongue position? _________________________________________________________________________________

15. If you have a roller version (2 or 4 roller, manual or automatic) what is the distance to each of the roller positions from the handle center location? _____________________________________________________________________


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